• Partnered with TERRA Management Services Property Management Company.

• Rules and Regulations approved and recorded. 

• Gate Repairs completed repairing vehicle damage.

• Gate Maintenace, replace battery backup and operator circuitry(due to water damage).


• Trimmed the trees at the entrance to the neighborhood.

• Volunteers from the community got together and cleared undergrowth and cut back homeowners overgrown shrubbery along John Moore. 

• Replaced the battery backups at our entrance gate and performed schedule maintenance on the operators.

• Completed repairs to the Gate Building including, replacing both doors, replacing the roof, and painting.

• Replaced the Community Bulletin Board with a water-resistant unit.

• Updated and added additional lighting to the entrance.

• Started a new initiative to welcome homeowners and strengthen our community.


• Pressure Wash California Curbing along the roadway and the exterior wall and sidewalks on Lumsden Blvd.

• Install Security Cameras at the Gate.

• Sidewalk repair of cracks and lifted sidewalks.

• Repave the roadway.

• Trim Trees overhanging the roadway.

• Pressure Wash Brick Wall and sidewalk on Lumsden.

• Implemented new steps to keep gate codes and access to our community limited to current owners and their vendors and guest.


• Approved and Certified Amendments to Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Barrington Oaks East.
• Sent letter emphasizing areas of the Covenants and included a full copy of our documents to each homeowner.
• Replaced the Messageboard at the gate.
• Updated landscaping to the center island and surrounding area.
• Elected a new member to the Board of Directors.
• Replaced gate access control keypad and electronics.

• Added new lighting at the gate.

• Created a new Facebook Page for members.

• Approval of Paving Special Assessment.


Added two new positions to the Board of Directors for a total of five Member
• Revised the  current Amendments to Declaration of Covenants for approval to bring them in line with Florida State Statute.
• Enhance the Landscaping at the entrance.
• The majority of the board members sat for a State Certified Board Member certification class.
• Replace the lighting at the entrance with energy-saving LED lights.
• Revise and Renew our Insurance Policy.
• Propose an assessment and amendment to Pave the roadway and bring the road formally into the responsibility of the BOE HOA - Pending Member Approval.