Barrington Oaks East, Brandon Florida United States

Architectural/Landscape Request

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If you ready to start a project on the outside of your home you are required to submit an Architectural/Landscape request for projects to your home. Please email to submit a Architectural Request. 

The Architectural Control Committee (ACC) will review the proposed changes to the exterior of your home and/or landscape and could come back to you with a request for additional information clarification or other requests. Please keep in mind some of these questions must be asked to protect the community and protect ourselves from changes that would not maintain the standard at or above that our community strives to maintain.

Work is not to commence before receiving project approval from the ACC (approval can take up to 30 days from submission and submission is not considered complete until all additional information is received). Once your submission is received the ACC will review and approve, approve with a condition or deny your request. Homeowners can either check the status in the portal or wait for the letter to be mailed to your address. Failure to abide by these standards will result in compliance action. We also reserve the right to inspect the work after the install to ensure the work was performed in the manner described and that any conditions are met.

Click here to view Barrington Oaks East Approved Colors