Barrington Oaks East, Brandon Florida United States

Gate Instructions for Guest:

1.  Use A-Z to Find Name then Push Call 

2.  Directory Number-Enter Code  (enter three-digit code then the system will call automatically) 

3.  Vendor Code: Enter # then the for digit code (vendors only, hours restrictions apply)

For special requests outside of this scope, please submit a form with details of the specific reason and time frame. Please allow three weeks for approval by the Board.  An Individual request for garage/yard or other sales will be denied and differed to our annual sale which will be in February each year.

Gate Instructions for Residents:

1. When you receive a call from the gate press "9" on your cell or home phone. If you do not hear the access granted sound you may need to hold "9" or if you have a cell phone you may try pressing it multiple times if it doesn't open at the first attempt. Keep in mind you can always tell your guest your three digit directory number for access, saving your guest the trouble of looking up your name in the directory.


Gate Operation:

Guest to your home will be able to access our new system, which will display 8 line directory listings at once; displayed in 1/2 inch front making it easier for guest to find you!  Because your cell phone can be listed as the number dialed when a guests arrives you can literally give access from anywhere at any time, no longer do you need to be home to let the dog sitter into the neighborhood. Guest also can either look your name up and push the Call button, or they can use your Directory number which is listed next to your name. Giving out the directory number is a great way to keep our neighborhood secure while still simplifying access for visitors (extended family members, Deliveries, etc...).  

The access code given to you when you received your remotes is for Vendors (Lawn, Pool, Cleaning, etc.) and will have business hours restrictions (7 am -6 pm Monday – Friday and 9 am-2 pm on Saturday).  Access outside of those hours will require the use of the gate access system keypad.