• Repairs and maintenance to common area.

• Volunteers needed to clean property on John Moore and to decorate the entrace for Christmas Dec 4th..

• Neighbors interested in joing the board are incurraged to join monthly meetings.ea.


• Brought on a Property Management Company to assist the Board in the day to day management of the Association.

• Rules and Regulations approved and published. 

• Compliance Letters, BOE has always struggled with compliance as a self-managed HOA. This year we were able to turn the page on this opportunity. With a property managers assistance many letters have been sent reminding neighbors and many members have responded favorably by brining their homes up to the standard set in our documents restoring the curb appeal that our neighborhood is known for.

• Compliance Policy approved and published

• Compliance Policy Committee Formed 

• BOE Paint Scheme approved and published (

• Annual Budget Approved for 2021 with 5% increase.

• Brick Wall and Fence repairs completed after damage from fallen tree.

• Gate Repairs completed repairing vehicle damage.

• Gate Maintenance replace battery backup and operator circuitry (due to water damage).



• Trimmed the trees at the entrance to the neighborhood.

• Volunteers from the community got together and cleared undergrowth and cut back homeowners’ overgrown shrubbery along John Moore. 

• Replaced the battery backups at our entrance gate and performed schedule maintenance on the operators.

• Completed repairs to the Gate Building including, replacing both doors, replacing the roof, and painting.

• Replaced the Community Bulletin Board with a water-resistant unit.

• Updated and added additional lighting to the entrance.

• Started a new initiative to welcome homeowners and strengthen our community.


• Pressure Wash California Curbing along the roadway and the exterior wall and sidewalks on Lumsden Blvd.

• Install Security Cameras at the Gate.

• Sidewalk repair of cracks and lifted sidewalks.

• Repave the roadway.

• Trim Trees overhanging the roadway.

• Pressure Wash Brick Wall and sidewalk on Lumsden.

• Implemented new steps to keep gate codes and access to our community limited to current owners and their vendors and guest.


• Approved and Certified Amendments to Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Barrington Oaks East.
• Sent letter emphasizing areas of the Covenants and included a full copy of our documents to each homeowner.
• Replaced the Message board at the gate.
• Updated landscaping to the center island and surrounding area.
• Elected a new member to the Board of Directors.
• Replaced gate access control keypad and electronics.

• Added new lighting at the gate.

• Created a new Facebook Page for members.

• Approval of Paving Special Assessment.


Added two new positions to the Board of Directors for a total of five Member
• Revised the  current Amendments to Declaration of Covenants for approval to bring them in line with Florida State Statute.
• Enhance the Landscaping at the entrance.
• The majority of the board members sat for a State Certified Board Member certification class.
• Replace the lighting at the entrance with energy-saving LED lights.
• Revise and Renew our Insurance Policy.
• Propose an assessment and amendment to Pave the roadway and bring the road formally into the responsibility of the BOE HOA - Pending Member Approval.




• Fund the reserves- Currently, the reserves are not funded and Assessments are the only means of providing funding for aging capital assets( Wall, Sidewalks, Stormwater basins, Roads, Gate operators,Building, Signs, etc...).

• Amendments underway approve funding the Reserves, providing a path forward for future captial repairs as we currently do not have one.  Also to allow for paver driveways, mainteance of the property outside of our wall and other clarifications to the documents.